Women Entrepreneurs Summit-2019

Women Entrepreneur Summit Rupandehi,2019 is to be held by Nepalese Young Entrepreneur Forum(NYEF) Rupandehi Chapter in coordination with NYEF's National Governing Council. It is designed in alignment with “Young Entrepreneur Summit- Women (YESW) a national annual program conducted by NYEF since 2013.
This one day summit is first of its kind in Rupandehi and follows the precedent set by YESW. This first episode of WES-Rupandehi is being organized with the objective of showcasing women entrepreneurs running businesses in different sectors including hospitality and service, manufacturing, trading among others. The event will rest on the theme, ‘Ignite Your Power' and accompanied by a series of the session to highlight the issues being faced by entrepreneurs. The summit has given utmost priority to facilitate links and networks among women entrepreneurs and build connections with the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem.

  • Event Details

  • Date: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2019 AT 9 AM � 5 PM
  • Location: Hotel Pauwa Butwal
  • Ticket: Rs.1000