About NYEF Rupandehi

NYEF Rupandehi was established on 12th Ashoj 2071. It is a membership based non-profit organization, established with a vision of empowering positive business thinking.It aim at creating outstanding entrepreneurs through idea exchange, fellowship, education, training and advocacy among the nepali youth. NYEF was officially instituted by Butwal Chamber of commerce and industry.

NYEF brings together young entrepreneurs within the country. It promotes entrepreneurial mind set and shared vision through an effective and much needed networking of young entrepreneurs. NYEF Rupandehi has done excellent work in promoting new business idea and supporting new Entrepreneur to come forward. We have also conducted various exibition such as Jutta Mela, Beer Fest, WES etc.

Our Core Values

We strongly nelieve in four core value and everything we do revolves around them and they are:

Growth with Shared Vision

We believe in Collective Leadership and Team Work. We will Trust and Respect each other.

Hunger for Learning

We will celebrate success and learn from failure. We will strive for Continual Improvement.

Nation First

Nation always comes first before your business.

Make a Mark

We don’t fear change we embrace it. We encourage change, ideas, innovation and always strive to find better ways of doing things